ALABASTER Twp. – In order to keep their specialized rescue skills up to date, Tawas City Fire Department (TCFD) personnel team up with local businesses periodically throughout the year to conduct various training exercises, shared TCFD Chief Steve Masich.

“In this case, TCFD was able to work with the employees at United States Gypsum [USG] in Alabaster Township,” he said of the training, which was carried out on Feb. 27.

Masich said the exercise was led that evening by gypsum plant supervisor Jim Sheehan, TCFD Assistant Chief Jeff Seyfried and TCFD Captain Rodney Whitford.

The trio provided firefighters with a mock rescue exercise, which involved a person with medical issues down in a sifter conveyor machine.

“Consistent hands-on training is very important in the fire service; emergency situations are always changing, along with improved rescue equipment,” Masich pointed out.

“Receiving cooperation, support and involvement from our local businesses in our coverage area, such as USG, is certainly a great asset to our community and our fire department,” he expressed.

(Jenny Haglund,

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