Nearly 200 attended USG’s free fishing day this year

August 17 marked the second annual free fishing day at the retired Alabaster quarry ponds, and anglers of all ages turned out to try their luck.

Hosted this year in partnership with Northwoods Wholesale Outlet in Pinconning, guests were treated to food, snacks, drinks and games while they enjoyed a warm, sunny Saturday fishing for the bass, pike and panfish of USG’s quarry ponds.

The ponds are a remnant of historic gypsum quarries. The fish arrived naturally, and USG’s only effort to support the fishery was stocking minnows last fall to increase the forage base in the lakes.

“We really enjoyed getting to visit with our neighbors at this event,” said USG Manager Matt Craig. “So many people told us they’ve lived their lives in this community and have always wanted to see what it is like to fish these ponds. Many people just wanted to explore the property and see what it is like. Others came because they have a familial connection to USG. And, of course, some folks just wanted to come fishing.”

Craig said he hopes to host the event again next year.

“We are thankful for great partners like Northwoods Outdoor Wholesale, who brought everything from poles and bait to a hotdog grill and a team of fishing helpers,” Craig said. “With that kind of community support and strong turnout, we look forward to doing this again.”  



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